17 poor souls who got into trouble today (18 photos)

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19 December 2023

Life is hard and we all have bad days. At such moments, it is easy to lose self-control and begin to get angry at the whole world. But a bad mood can't last forever; after all, it could happen to anyone. In this post, you will see other people's failures and maybe you can avoid similar situations in the future. Take a look!

1. My son decided to make himself popcorn, it’s good that I came on time

2. My electric meter was struck by lightning.

3. I bought balloons for my daughter’s birthday.

4. A new employee on my shift crushed a package of windshields.

5. I bought a world map

6. Today I lost a diamond from an ancient ring that my grandmother gave me.

7. I washed the pillows in the washing machine, now it’s all filled with a sticky substance.

8. The courier didn’t notice

9. The cats dropped it, but they hid

10. What is the probability that a neighbor will drill into your floor?

11. The groomer didn’t understand me

12. This was my favorite sweater

13. This part does not fit

14. Neighborhood hooligans threw eggs at my car

15. The tractor cleared the parking lot

16. Dropped a can of paint

17. I was removing snow from the wires, I need my shovel

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