15 people whose day turned into a dramatic failure (16 photos)

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7 February 2023

"Total fiasco" is an accessible way to explain events, that happened to the heroes of this post. But forewarned armed, and we have the opportunity to learn from the mistakes of people, and not get into stupid situations. Take a look at what just doesn't happen.

Weekend morning

I was sleeping at night and this car drove into my house

How many times did I promise not to eat at the laptop

Romantic date ended badly

My hotel room with sea view

My brother is very unlucky

Big tragedy

The boy was a little bored

Zaya, we have a little problem.

Looks like we have a white car now

And the culprit hid

The game didn't go according to plan and everyone is afraid to come up

You'll have to wait until it melts

First I lost one shoe, and a little later, the second

I first came to see Mount Fuji

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