12 people who don't let problems get in their way (13 pics)

7 May 2023

In everyday life, at every step we meet with various difficulties. But some creative people playfully cope with any problem by finding surprising workarounds. In this post you will see creations of real geniuses who definitely deserve a prize.

1. Perfect solution for melons

2. I wanted to lie in the sun, but I also wanted to watch a movie.

3. Photography ring light is great for other uses too

4. Old cars fortified the river bank

5. My buddy handled the office situation really well.

6. These pants have a zippered pocket for storing valuables.

7. My father made this net to keep animals away from my plants.

8. In the kitchen at my friend's office, they creatively solved the problem of missing appliances

9. My brother and sister didn't want to clean the leaves, so I decided to make it a game.

10. Pet corner at the airport

11. If there is no helmet, then it will do

12. Ergonomics

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