How Venezuelan fishermen relax without gadgets and women (7 photos)

11 April 2024

They have a miserable life there, I’ll tell you. Complete separation from civilization, inability to get to the villages except by boat by sea, lack of any modern communications (electricity, Internet connection). All these people have is their job: all day long, under the scorching Caribbean sun, they set out fishing nets and then pick them out, full of fish.

At the same time, it is important to understand that the sun in the Caribbean is not at all the same sun that we are used to feeling somewhere, even in Sochi, on the hottest day. Here it is simply unbearable and scorching, so that local fishermen cannot be envied at all. After all, their boats have no canopies and their only escape from the sun is caps or T-shirts wrapped around their heads.

The fishermen seem to have a lot of work. But it is early in the morning, when you need to bring the nets into the sea and place them, and then in the late afternoon to collect the placed nets and bring the caught fish to the shore. But the rest of the time during the day the guys have a siesta - they are left to themselves and no one involves them in any work.

But there is one important nuance here: most villages and fishing camps are located in remote, deserted places. And besides a warehouse-hangar, nets, boats, tools and simple huts, there is nothing else here.

Communications, as I said above, too.

So you can’t surf the Internet with your phone, you can’t watch a movie on your laptop or tablet, or even just a series or news on TV.

Just like they don’t have girls, bars or anything like that.

How do they spend their free time? I had the opportunity to observe the half day that I spent in the company of these guys.

As a result, the guys' entertainment can be counted on one hand.

And the most important of them, believe it or not, is chatter!

They can talk for hours, or even endlessly. I was amazed at this moment while watching. It would seem that they have been here together for days and months, a long time ago they told each other all the stories and tales, shared all the pains and problems, shared all the anecdotes, erased all the exes or politicians. What can you talk about endlessly? I don't know...

My Venezuelan friend suggested that they talk about everything in a row, starting with the president, jumping to food prices, then to relationships with women, along the way discussing some bad Pablo from a neighboring fishing village and again returning to the president.

In general, in terms of talkativeness, Venezuelan fishermen are simply champions and will outshine any granny at the entrance or trader at the Adler market.

Besides the fact that Venezuelan fishermen can talk to each other for hours, they can also sit for hours and do nothing.

It’s exactly like the joke about the palm tree: when a dark-skinned friend lies under it and waits for the banana to fall. These don't wait for bananas, they just stare at the sea for hours.

Fishermen are also excellent at sleeping on nets or in a hammock all day long.

Well, those who are tired of chatter, and looking at the horizon, and pressing the masses on the nets, play dominoes from morning to evening.

Venezuelans simply love dominoes; they often even have special tables for this game with stands for dominoes, and they are ready to play dominoes for hours.

Moreover, they do it no less passionately than the men from my childhood at the table near the entrance. True, in Venezuela they don’t shout “fish”. Apparently they were so tired of her at work.

These are the types of entertainment Venezuelan fishermen have to relieve boredom during breaks between work.

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