An old gadget that is still used in the tundra (4 photos)

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27 April 2023

Now you will be very surprised, but the object that you see in the photo reindeer herders will be replaced with a smartphone and stories in the now banned network *100grams.

I will say more - it was invented many centuries ago and on been successfully used for many centuries by those who were not taught to read and letters by reindeer herders, replacing them with diaries (or as it is now called personal blogs with stories), chronicles and at the same time being calendar.

In fact, a multifunctional gadget app.

Each such diary calendar was compiled for one year and They were made from bone or wood. Bone diaries were more reliable and more durable, but required much more effort and painstaking work. But most often, of course, these gadgets were made of wood, because. it does not require a lot of time and skills, and the aesthetic side for many did not have no value.

Now I will tell you how they used this diary calendar.

Each side of this bone plate is a half-year.

Next, we see that a cutout is made in the middle of each face, and notches leave on both sides of it - 30 or 31 each. So each face is a month, and the notches on it are days. The result is 4 month. And two more months are incised by days on a ledge leaving on both side of the hole in the middle.

The calendar looks exactly the same on the reverse side.

The hole in the middle means the sun, and the calendar starts from it from the middle edge.

How do reindeer herders work with this diary further and why do they need it at all?

Here, near some notches-days, you can see different notch symbols. These are just those stories or posts on your blog, where a person indicates the events that have occurred important to him.

For example, the drawing of the sun over the 13th day of January is the end of the polar nights and the first sun of the year. Crosses - Orthodox holidays: Christmas, New Year according to the old style, Epiphany in the same January.

On the verge above January - November (and December will be on central face to the left of the hole-sun). There you can see about 2 November drawn essence. This means that this day began ice fishing.

And this is what April looks like. In the beginning man noted successful fishing and harvesting of fish. Then there was Palm Sunday. Easter. At the very beginning of May, then, next month - calving deer...

These diaries note when fish spawning begins and deer shed their antlers when a child is born or someone leaves the country eternal hunt. When winter and polar night began. In general, everything important for people in their not so diverse life.

Such plates were made, and still many are made on Every year. And when the diary ends, they do not throw it away, keeping it in plague among other important things.

So that you can always remember when and what happened in last year or earlier, for example, the course of fish or the rut of deer began. Well ... this is what no, a chronicle of a family or a camp ...

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