How otters in Bangladesh help fishermen catch fish (12 photos)

14 November 2022

In Bangladesh, where there are more than two hundred rivers, they eat a lot fish are the main source of protein. There are whole dynasties of fishermen here, which from generation to generation pass on various tricks and secrets crafts. Local residents use trained otters to catch fish.

In Bangladesh, people usually fish with such nets.

During the annual Polo Bava festival, everyone walks knee-deep in water and tries to get at least something

Wicker traps are used for festive hunting.

But there is another way to get a good catch - to call on the help of an otter.

It is said that fishing with otters is a very ancient method that has been used for thousands of years...

Otters are tamed and trained from an early age.

A whole family of otters is usually taken on the hunt.

* This otter is fine!

In a baited place, fishermen set up nets,

otters jump from boats into the water and drive the fish into a trap

Only adults and experienced people are put on a leash tied to a long stick,

cubs follow them on their own

When the net is full, the fisherman pulls it into the boat.

And, of course, this work is generously paid.

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