A real pedant's nightmare: 35 evidence that designers are unfamiliar with the word “cleaning” (36 photos)

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11 April 2024

Designers are creative people, so when creating a product, they are primarily concerned with its appearance, and only then functionality. And making sure that it is easy (or even possible) to wash or clean is especially not on their list of priorities. This is how artsy octopus sinks, fluffy walls and endless dust collectors are born - in other words, things created by people who won't have to clean them.

1. Staircase under the “veil” of marble

2. Dust-proof corners for stairs - it seems that their meaning eluded the creator

3. Your bets are how many spiders are in these pots?

4. “The sink is in the house I’m cleaning. It looks great, but it’s incredibly inconvenient to clean. And the bathroom has fabric walls that are very difficult to clean.”

5. Such a small dust collector

6. Victorian aquarium from the 1880s

7. Pool under the bed

8. It’s beautiful, but how much time does it take to clean...

9. "My friend's friend just finished his 'dream beach basement'"

10. Do you have any questions for the designer?

11. Victorian glass baby feeding bottle. These bottles were nicknamed "killer bottles" - they became a leading cause of infant mortality because they were very difficult to clean, making them breeding grounds for bacteria.

12. Design of a home hair salon

13. It's hard to believe, but this was done on purpose

14. Well at least it looks cool

15. “This is what my toilet looks like from the side.”

16. "I'm in Vegas because yesterday was my birthday, and it's only 6 hours away from me. And this is the ceiling at the Bellagio Hotel."

17. Chandeliers in the restaurant

18. Now you can't unsee this, have a nice day!

19. Royal throne

20. It must be a pleasure to scrub toothpaste off of her.

21. Yes, it's a soft buffet, and no, you'll never forget it.

22. "My friend's mug. She says she's just rinsing it."

23. Wooden cutting board built into the countertop

24. Great job, but dusting it off is a pain.

25. Tumbleweed Chandelier

26. And note, no glass

27. Elevator in a London hotel

28. "The beach house we're staying at has 7 of these fans. Poor cleaners."

29. This is a creative dust collector

30. Who came up with the idea to make a house in the shape of a toilet brush?

31. “Mirror in the bathroom of the house I was hired to clean.”

32. "The light switch in the restroom at the local cafe. I'm sure it's very difficult to properly sanitize."

33. Looks nice until you think about cleaning it

34. “Lamp in the hotel where I stayed for the event.”

35. The nightmare of a trypophobe and a pedant at the same time

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