30 construction blunders that you won't look at without tears (30 photos + 1 video)

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22 January 2023

Some builders deserve an award for... the worst job in stories. But it will not be easy to determine the winner of the main prize: it does not matter how crooked the walls turned out or how many doors in the house lead to nowhere, there is always a better job. And most candidates for this the award can be found in the r/ConstructionFails subreddit.

1. Absolutely everything is crooked here

2. Hybrid stairs and countertops

3. An accident involving a truck moved the bridge by almost two meters.

4. Looks great guys, keep up the good work!

5. You won’t learn to retire in this toilet ...

6. I wonder at what point they realized

7. Is the owner one-legged?

8 Future Darwin Award Winners Found

9. What a nice and quiet dam you have here!

10. "Saw this while taking inventory of a rental apartment"

11. What road, such will be the curb

12. Was it blindfolded?

13. "Bedroom cabinet in my old house"

14. So much material down the drain

15. Transportation of a large glass panel by helicopter

16. "I've always been pissed how they put that door under the sink."

17. Is this normal?

18. "I understand that it's important to keep PPE like new, but that's just ridiculous."

19. Plumbers

20. Terrace from Hell

21. The main thing is not to open the door too abruptly

22. What happened and who is to blame? What are your rates?

24. When you think you can outwit the weight limit but you can't.

25. Brooklyn Part One

26. Brooklyn, part two

27. I do not see any problems with the ground. And you?

28. How do they generally hold up?

29. Scaffolding? No, have not heard

30. What can go wrong?

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