Things with a sophisticated design that spoils everything (16 photos)

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12 July 2023

Many things from this collection look very cool, and some are even cool. It can be seen that the designers did not limit their imagination. However, they were so carried away by the appearance that they completely forgot about practicality. As a result, the guys were too clever with the design and these things became almost impossible to clean properly.

A very beautiful sink that will be hellishly difficult to clean

A cup that is very difficult to clean thoroughly

A pitcher with a hollow handle that cannot be cleaned

Cutting boards with a fake cut where leftover food gets in and is very hard to get rid of

The most problematic design of computer mice

Floor in the barbershop

Just imagine that you need to clean it all

fur car

By itself, a terrible chandelier that cannot be properly cleaned

Hands fall off just at the thought of cleaning this wall

Fur is always a difficult story to clean

Spa carpet made of strips of leather

Gothic Cutlery

"Wallpaper" from real books

Toilet bowl for the necromancer

Glass covered with velvet. Velvet cannot be removed

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