25 unusual doors that caught someone's attention (26 photos)

9 April 2024

It is no exaggeration to say that we see doors - and more than one - every day. These are things that are as familiar in functionality as a window, table or chair. But sometimes even among the ordinary you come across something unique and memorable!

1. What one person throws away can always be useful to another

2. Dwarves live here

3. This outer wall is actually a sliding door

4. Crooked door in a crooked house (this is a book house)

5. Morning reflection from the stained glass of the front door

6. Handle of the entrance door to the knife store

7. An impressive church door in Eastern Poland

8. Keyhole on the side door of the Cathedral in Bordeaux, France

9. “I found my door in a book”

10. “This door in my hotel bathroom can cover either of two doorways.”

11. Antique “milkman door”

12. “Our University Jokes: “Dr. Minnie Little, Nanotechnology Lab””

13. Nation Geographic Gallery uses its logo as a doorknob

14. This door is curved to fit a curved wall.

15. Entrance door two floors high

16. The doorknob in the pediatrician’s office is set higher to prevent children from running away.

17. Building as wide as a front door, Tokyo

18. Skinny door

19. In London, some doors have handles in the center

20. Beautiful door lock plate

21. Beautiful door hinge

22. “The Mysterious Door I Found in Prague”

23. Strange door in the forest

24. Curved front door

25. “The door of my new refrigerator opens both ways.”

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