The tallest door in London (5 photos)

15 January 2023

In London there is a building with an unusual door - narrow and high, almost to the height of the entire old two-story house. As we know, almost always, such unusualness is due to some practical necessary, and this case is no exception. But for what Do you need high doors?

This is actually an art workshop, the sign says "The Paint Shops and Shops of Elms Leicester". True, the name is already conditional, and paintings are rarely painted here - more often they arrange exhibitions and impressions.

And this place as an art gallery, apparently, is quite in demand - thanks to a couple of "chips". The point is that the room here - as is often the case in studios - very high, in fact, up to the roof.

Studio inside a building with a tall green door - today, during the gallery's opening hours

And the roof is made of glass, so that natural sunshine (well, when there is sunshine in London, yes). At the same time, she the studio is very narrow, which, however, also adds a certain entourage.

But still we did not receive an answer to the question - why is the door so high? Moreover, it is known that she did not immediately become such - at the beginning of the last century, when the building was rebuilt and in it opened the same workshop.

A studio inside a building with a high green door - back when theatrical scenery was still being made here

In which they began to prepare scenery for performances - in mainly draw the so-called backs. And now guess what did you need such a high door?

The backdrops for the stage are large, and the workshop itself (and the street into which the doors open) is very narrow. At the same time, such decorations apparently, it was impossible to roll it up or fold it somehow - they, say, could be within.

View of Elms Leicester's Paint Shops and Shops building

Therefore, they decided to pull out the finished paintings in a vertical position - and broke through the door to the entire height of the building. From inside the door is located directly opposite the studio, so there is also no problems.

Problems could just appear on the street - the passage to actually very narrow. Moreover, the territory is fenced on the right local church, St Giles in the Fields, based on which you you can quickly find the legendary high green door.

And this is a narrow passage from the building with the green door to the church of St Giles in the Fields

By the way, they say that this green door was not specially repainted, although the workshop itself was rebuilt - the phrase green door has already become such a local brand.

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