Telephoning furry animals (25 photos)

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6 April 2024

In our age of high technology, without a phone is like without hands. It is not only a means of communication, but also an inexhaustible source of information.

The cats also know about this and slowly use the device while the cats don’t see. As a last resort, a stationary one will be suitable for telling your comrades about business, since it also copes with the main task very well.

1. The whole world in a small package

2. At the device

3. Call me, call me

4. Yes, things...

5. How beautiful this me is

6. A little fluffy nostalgia

7. This is what harmony looks like

8. Charming braid

9. Serious operator

10. Wholesome entertainment

11. Murm in my ear

12. Music connected us

13. And he? And she? And they?

14. Who is the cutest in the world?

15. A little retro

16. A simple miracle

17. Perfect size

18. Made for each other

19. Interesting movie

20. How it was

21. He who has worked and is tired, his sleep time has come

22. Attention to detail

23. Leisure conversation

24. I won’t give you to anyone!

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