The world is not without creepy things: 14 cases when something scared the hell out of people (15 photos)

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4 April 2024

So, as the kitten Woof said: “Let's be afraid together.”

Each of us has our own fears, but there is something common in them that makes people unite in the feeling of something creepy. These could be banal phobias, an encounter with something unexpected or unknown to us. As a rule, a person tries to hide away from what he saw, but some daredevils, albeit with trembling fingers, manage to take a photo of what scared them very much, while others turn a blind eye to these pictures on the Internet. Sometimes it turns out that this something was not so terrible, although not always...

Tentacles in the kitchen

The potatoes were just trying to find soil...

Extreme close-up of a wolf spider

More like an owl than a wolf. The eyes are beautiful and creepy at the same time. I think? I still don't want him anywhere near me though.

Night horror

This is not a dog. This is the demon of sleep paralysis.

By the way, this photo has already spread across the Internet, giving rise to a lot of memes.

Tongue in the tree

In fact, this is the common liverwort, which here looks like a tongue.

Is Mick Jagger hiding there?

Classic (terrifying) Australia

A giant crab spider defends its nest.

Fear #33: Getting stuck in an escalator

Mannequins in Japan

These kids look like they got kicked out of Lazy Town. Terrible.

Mother centipede protects her babies

I'm afraid to hear the answer about how big the container they are in is.

On the other hand, if I were a child centipede, I would feel pretty darn safe right now.

I saw THIS at night in my neighbor's backyard

Are you sure it's still there? He could have crawled closer to you when you blinked... What's worse: if he came on his own or disappeared from sight altogether?

Dental model from the 1900s

Bear Robber

The author wrote that for a long time the bear watched him play video games. In the end, the clubfoot seized the moment and climbed into the house, having eaten and “doing business.”

Creepy mold that has formed on a plate of unused cat food

It makes sense that cat food turned into a cat.

And again Australia

This kangaroo was following me at night.


These are predators that swim vertically and live at depths of 500-2100 meters.

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