30 unusual ideas and inventions created by geniuses (31 photos)

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4 April 2024

Some inventions, although they do not move science forward, make our life much easier or add variety to it. From simple household items to brilliant ideas - this collection contains a variety of ideas from the true geniuses of our time! Let's take a look at the most striking examples shared by netizens.

1. “I would go to a gym like this more often”

2. Fork and chopsticks in one

3. In the store you can “test” the stroller on different surfaces before purchasing

4. Mini-obstacles in a sports store where you can check hiking shoes

5. Pleasant with useful, it turns out

6. "Noise level" in the library. Lights up red if the room is too noisy

10. Free fruit at the supermarket. "No one should walk through the store hungry!"

8. Hat with a built-in solar-powered fan

9. The cafe placed inflatable pools under the tables so guests could cool off on hot days.

10. Hidden wireless charger on a park bench

11. "Two-dimensional" cafe

12. Bench in the shape of a book

13. Batteries that can be charged through the port

14. Shopping carts that can accommodate your dog

15. "Bike Cops" Give Helmets to Kids Who Bicycle Without Ones

16. Elevator call buttons that can be pressed with your foot if your hands are full

17. Train clearing the tracks of snow

18. A sticker shows what color the papaya will be when ripe.

19. Glass jar with marks, which can then be used as a measuring cup

20. Using milk cartons as cup holders is a very eco-friendly idea.

21. You can rent baking pans from this library.

22. A washing machine for sneakers, and a dryer on top. Very comfortably

23. Bracelet watch

24. The restaurant wrapped the lemon in a net to prevent the seeds from falling into your dish.

25. A button on a table in a restaurant with which you can ask for the bill, call a waiter, or cancel the request

26. A suitcase store has a mini airplane model where customers can check to see if the bag fits on the overhead rack.

27. The supermarket sells slightly overripe bananas at a reduced price. On the package there is a recipe for banana bread, for which they are ideal

28. The designer of this grocery basket is a genius.

29. The foam at this car wash looks like lava.

30. In a Canadian pizzeria, mini holders in the shape of a table and chairs are placed in the pizza box so that the pizza does not lose its shape.

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