Casserole makers (30 photos)

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2 April 2024

Cats are natural cooks. Even words begin with the same letter. And, like real chefs, furry ones understand that correctly selected utensils are half the success.

And in order to reveal the positive and negative sides of the pan, the tailed cook needs to place his carcass there. To accurately find out all the parameters and not make a mistake with the choice. It’s so complicated – this is the life of real cooking gurus.

1. Suitable shape for perfect content

2. In its place

3. Corner of psychological relief

4. I'm thinking about improving the recipe.

5. And why am I so beautiful to you?

6. I could, although with paws

7. I warm the place

8. Appetizing still life

9. Are the cooks ready for their shift?

10. The first time is always scary

11. Don’t threaten the red central!

12. A Dutch oven also counts.

13. Treasure box

14. I am the horror that flew on the wings of the night

15. This is what a brave pro should look like

16. Maestro sings

17. Didn't you wait?

18. Stern boss

19. Pour witchcraft into a magic pan

20. Those eyes are opposite

21. There is no arguing about tastes

22. Clash of the Titans

23. Warms the porridge and the soul

24.I improve my appetite

25. Hearth Fairy

26. Nobody promised it would be easy

27. I'm wrapping up

28. Everything is ready

29. Home happiness

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