The ability to sneak up unnoticed: lessons from the guru (25 photos)

Category: Animals, PEGI 0+
28 March 2024

This skill seems easy only at first glance. 10 out of 10 unprepared citizens will fail such a test.

But not cats. The talent to sneak up quickly, unnoticed and completely silently is reliably sewn into the furry genome. And if necessary, the cat will easily approach potential (even not particularly necessary) prey, take up an observation post, blend in with the surroundings, and even teach this unique skill to its owner. If he wants, of course.

1. A diligent student

2. Strictly parallel to the ground

3. Among the clover fields

4. Graceful belly

5. Camouflage on the ground

6. Right foot, left foot

7. Snowy expanses

8. Focus is everything

9. The big cat is watching you

10. The weight of the world around is an illusion

11. Fly like an arrow and don't stop

12. Light gait

13. Future pro

14. Thunderstorm around

15. Reference craftsmanship

16. And you can’t hide from this, you can’t hide

17. Mesmerizing look

18. Before the jump

19. Night Ninja

20. Grace of maneuver

21. The magic of green

22. Among flowers and herbs

23. Reference specialist

24. I will learn too

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