A 32-year-old Indian man made up to look like an 81-year-old because he really wanted to work (5 photos)

2 April 2024

A very handsome but capricious old man tried to check in at Delhi's Indira Gandhi Airport for a flight to New York. He didn’t have any problems with the documents, but something seemed strange to the employee at the counter, not shaking, and the old man was nervous. And it was his behavior that made us take a closer look at him...

No, well, the old man is even more beautiful, such a noble face with glasses

And it turned out that the skin on his hands, in which he held his passport with the year of birth 1938, was so smooth and beautiful. Like... a young man, of course.

I had to call security and expose the man

For a long time he was indignant at how dare they disrespect old age, becoming more and more panicked. Until he finally broke down that he is actually 32-year-old Jayesh Patel, and he really needs to go to New York, because there is a job waiting for him there!

The thing is that he found a job, but they didn’t want to give him a visa. Then one person from the work agency offered him a passport and the identity of a person who has a US visa. But there was one caveat... this Indian with a visa was over 80.

"Old Man" close-up, quite realistic and talented, I think

Jayesh Patel thought all night, but nowhere in India was he offered higher earnings. And by morning he made up his mind: he found a man who applied professional makeup to him to look like an elderly man.

I have to admit, he did it very well, artistically. I would say cinematically, it was a professional make-up artist. In such a case, the main thing is not to skimp on preparing for the scam.

They dyed his hair whitish-gray, drew wrinkles, even put him in a wheelchair, supposedly the old man could not walk for long at the airport on his own.

The same ill-fated passport for which there is a visa

Would he have been discovered?

There is a good chance that no, the old man was reliable. But it was the fact that neither the make-up artist nor Jayesh himself had cheated before and had not thought through everything in advance.

Jayesh's mistake was that he was very nervous while lying. He had no experience pretending to be someone else.

His refusal to get out of his chair due to weakness looked especially suspicious. But when he did get up, he did it without much help from anyone else.

Don't respect old age? Okay, I'm calling the police.

And the make-up artist didn’t think of giving his client gloves and a scarf around his neck to hide the fact that there were too few wrinkles and folds. After all, old people are often cold, and an additional layer of clothing would not look suspicious at all. And the sleeves were as long as possible down to the phalanges of the finger - and everything would have passed.

Will he be jailed?

He punished himself no less, because the fake documents for the old man and the whole scam cost Jayesh Patel 42 thousand dollars! By the way, the make-up artist was caught quite quickly, but the main organizer was not.

Shot from a security camera at the airport, the guy didn't have enough acting lessons or two

Most likely, if they cooperate and help catch the main document accomplice, everything will cost a large fine. The crime is serious, but cooperation is highly valued.

All we can do is evaluate what kind of man he turned out to be, a “giant of thought, a mighty old man”!

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