12 films that were included in the Guinness Book of Records (15 photos)

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2 April 2024

I offer you several interesting and diverse world records that belong to famous or not so famous films. There are also large numbers here, and that would hardly have occurred to you as someone’s achievement.

Have you ever wondered how many films have been included in the Guinness Book of Records for any achievement? Be it something amazing or, on the contrary, stupid, of which there is a great variety in the “book”. After all, during filming, in the film itself, and as it progresses and integrates into world popular culture, a lot of things can happen... record-breaking. Even those films that came out decades ago can make a mark, for example, if some legendary prop that appeared in them is sold for big money at auction.

Gandhi (1982)

Record: the largest number of people in the crowd - more than 300,000.

So many people were in the funeral scene. Of these, two thirds were voluntary volunteers. And one third, that is, 100 thousand, received a salary, which is also amazing!

PAW Patrol: Megafilm (2023)

Record: the largest number of dogs who attended the premiere screening of the film - 219.

The landmark premiere took place in Los Angeles on September 24, 2023. Do dogs need a cartoon about dogs? A question with an obvious answer, but a record.

Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961)

Records (2): Most expensive costume and most expensive film script sold at auction.

In 2006, the black dress the heroine wears was sold for $807,000 at Christie’s auction in London. And in 2017, a working script for the film with notes from Audrey Hepburn was sold for a record $847,000.

Owner (2012)

Record: the largest number of directors who made one film - 25.

So many directors from 13 different countries worked on the 94-minute film. Each of them filmed their own segment for 2-5 minutes. The plot follows a backpack's journey around the world, where it intersects with dozens of characters.

It is not reported whether all the directors had a good working relationship with the backpack.

Veronica Mars (2014)

Record: the film that raised the most money through crowdfunding - $5,702,153.

Almost the entire film's budget ($6 million) was raised through the Kickstarter crowdfunding service. After the closure of the series of the same name, fans asked for a continuation, but the studio Warner Bros. refused to further finance the project. Then the author of “Veronica” Rob Thomas and the leading actress Kristen Bell organized a fund to raise funds for the production of the film and received this record amount from 91,585 fans.

The fate of this folk film is interesting here - critics greeted it warmly, but its audience ratings were not so great.

Pirates (1986)

Record: the most expensive element of the prop.

A full-size replica of the 17th century Spanish galleon Neptune was built especially for Roman Polanski's film! The ship was built from old plans and cost about $10 million to create, a quarter of the film's budget. Now the Neptune is docked in the port of the Italian city of Genoa, becoming a tourist attraction.

The film, by the way, failed at the box office. Well, at least he gave the world a beautiful ship.

Stuntmen (2024)

Record: the largest number of car flips with a stuntman inside - 8 and a half.

The most recent record. The record holder's name is Logan Holladay, and there's nothing wrong with him - he did a great job in an action comedy that celebrates his profession. The previous record was 7 coups.

The Other Side of the Wind (2018)

Record: longest film production period - 48 years.

The film by legendary director Orson Welles (creator of Citizen Kane) was filmed in 1970-1976, but was never completed due to lack of funds. Welles died in 1985 without completing his project. However, in 2014, the rights to the unfinished film were acquired by Royal Road.

Director and producer Frank Marshall oversaw the editing of 100 hours of footage and the release of the film, which was released in 2018 along with the documentary I Will Be Loved After I'm Dead (both on Netflix), which chronicles the film's 48-year history. .

Bloody clash between two men over a widow - political motives suspected (Italy, 1978)

Record: longest movie title - 179 characters.

In the original “Fatto di sangue fra due uomini per causa di una vedova - si sospettano moventi politici.” By the way, it can hardly be said that the film is notable solely for its title - Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni starred in it.

Armor of God 3: Zodiac Mission (2012)

Record: the largest number of mentions in the credits of one person - in 15 different positions.

This man was Jackie Chan. In the film's credits, he is listed as director, screenwriter, actor, producer, executive producer, cinematographer, art director, production manager, stuntman, stunt coordinator, composer, and theme song performer. But most importantly, he is also a lighting operator, props manager and food coordinator!

007: SPECTER (2015)

Records (2): the biggest explosion and the most expensive (richly) dressed character in the film.

The explosion, filmed in Morocco, is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest in the history of cinema: 8,140 liters of kerosene and 24 charges of a kilogram of explosive each were used.

And Daniel Craig's character is depicted on screen in clothes and accessories with a total retail value of at least 56 thousand dollars: he wore four three-piece Tom Ford suits, made to order, costing from $3,805 to $4,881 each, a Matchless Craig Blouson suede jacket worth 1,248 dollars and a limited edition Omega Seamaster 300 watch worth $6,871.

Now remember and be horrified - after all, agent 007 in all these outfits constantly falls and rolls on the ground. I could have dressed myself in a second-hand store.

American Kids (2005)

Record: longest kiss - 6 minutes 44 seconds.

This unremarkable comedy melodrama ends with an extremely long-lasting kiss - the two main characters do not break away from each other the entire time the final credits roll. The camera manages to move away from them and come back closer.

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