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28 March 2024

Network users share natural phenomena and finds that they found surprising. Look at these wonderful photos!

Surely each of us, while walking as a child, found strange things: stones of unusual shape, interesting plants and insects. Now we have stopped noticing such things, because we are immersed in adult affairs and mostly live in cities, but some have not given up their habit of noticing the small wonders of nature.

My wheel after a long ride in a snowstorm

Water frozen in the shape of a flower while moving!

One of my flowers has mutated

Beautiful spring morning in Finland

By the way, Finland is recognized as the happiest country in the world! Although it’s hard to imagine this, looking at the impenetrable “spring” fog...

Dinosaur tooth accidentally found in Oregon

I'm a paleontologist. This tooth definitely belonged to Demostyl.

My sunflower that I grew in 2021

The sunflower read the task, got confused, and tried to become the sun.

Perfectly round stone

Perfectionists got goosebumps from this photo.

Found this starfish-shaped mushroom in my flowerbed.

This mushroom is called the “earth star”, scientifically called the triple star.

Halo in my hand

A halo is an optical phenomenon when a secondary glow in the form of a ring is formed around a light source.

Completely hairless chimpanzee

It's not just humans who go bald! So we don’t have complexes.

Such big blueberries!

This rainbow looks too straight and resembles a tornado

A grape berry that contained another one!

Cloud resembling a human foot

This raspberry is half orange.

Minnesota sky

It seems like a wave is covering the city, but it's just clouds!

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