28 Incredibly Obvious Things People Don't Understand About Other People's Work (29 Photos)

28 March 2024

A Reddit user asked representatives of different professions to name seemingly obvious things in their work that the general public still does not understand. Judging by the comments to the post, it’s simply amazing how basic things sometimes have to be explained to people - for example, how credit works or why you shouldn’t ignore the advice to “turn it on and off.”

1. “I am a radiologist. X-rays are done in order of urgency. Just because you were first in line with a broken little finger doesn't mean you'll be given priority to the person with a cracked skull."

2. “I am an oceanographer. Climate change is not a hoax and it is happening because of us. We see its consequences. I was literally swimming to coral reefs that had bleached as the ocean became more acidic. We did it."

3. “Dogs only understand “always” and “never.” If you have a rule that they can't ask for table scraps, climb on the couch, or jump on people, but you allow them to do all of this from time to time, then they will never understand why you are scolding them. Also, when you hire a dog trainer, remember that approximately 80% of training is focused on the owner, and only 20% is focused on the dog. We just say it in different words so as not to offend you. Some people refuse to understand that THEY are the ones who need training and the dogs will simply follow their lead.”

4. “If you get a service for free, then the product is you.”

5. “I work in forestry: more trees do not make the forest healthier. A healthy forest is healthy trees that are properly planted at a distance from each other. Yes, some trees need to be removed to improve habitat quality and reduce the risk of wildfires. No, we are not money-hungry tree killers.”

6. “Turning it off and on again really solves a lot of problems.”

7. “No aspect of shoeing a horse hurts it. People have been shoeing horses for about 2,000 years, and if we do it right (which is why we take four years to learn how to do it in Britain), our dear four-legged animals won’t feel a thing.”

8. “I’m a security guard at a museum. No, I don't carry a gun, I'm here to show you how to go to the bathroom, not to catch a bullet while protecting a Monet painting. No, no one is trying to steal art, I'm only here because you just can't resist the temptation to get your greasy little hands on a million-dollar painting."

9. “I am a historian. “Truth” is always relative, depends on the point of view of the person telling it, and is always constructed to one degree or another. Each source must be subjected to critical evaluation."

10. “As an emergency operator, I still cannot determine your exact location unless you call me from a landline. I only know the approximate area, so if I ask you to confirm the address, just do it. This will help us get to you faster. Also, I can't send you an ambulance in two minutes. Surprisingly, there are other people in critical situations besides you. I cannot provide medical assistance to you over the phone. I can help with some things, like how to perform CPR or use an epinephrine pen, but that's about it. It doesn't help that you swear at me and accuse me of being stupid because you speak too fast and I can't hear the address. I can't order cars to arrive without flashing lights and sirens. You called the emergency services, so they will come fully armed.”

11. “Anesthesiologist: If you eat before surgery, the likelihood that you will die or be seriously injured increases exponentially. "Anesthesia makes you more likely to vomit, and because you'll be unconscious, you won't be able to prevent the acidic vomit from going into your lungs."


13. “No, I can’t diagnose you or recognize your dirty thoughts just by looking at a picture of your brain. And by the way, if you only used 10% of your brain, you'd be dead."

14. “Don’t try to guess the letters on the vision chart. The whole point of this test is so that we can make your vision as good as possible, and, strangely enough, to do this we need to know what you can't see."

15. “Not everyone realizes the appalling amount of plastic we use in scientific research. And also the fact that not all research is about treating cancer or other diseases (which regularly contributes to my existential crisis, but I’m getting off topic).”

16. “I work at the front desk of a hotel. I don't understand why people are mad that their room isn't ready at 8am when we were fully booked last night! I constantly have to explain that check-out time is at 11 and check-in time is at 4!! I cannot kick a guest out of a room that will be at his legal disposal for another 3 hours!”

17. “It’s not the teacher’s job to potty train a child. You need to work on this at home before your kids are ready to start kindergarten. Some groups have over 30 children and we simply cannot waste time doing this type of work with your child when there are 29 other children who also need attention.”

18. “When arc welding, you need to protect your entire skin from light, not just your eyes. The real danger is light, not heat. Welding without protection is like standing right in front of a tanning salon on steroids.”

19. “I am a lawyer. The biggest problem I see with the general public and my client company is that just because something makes you angry doesn't mean you're right. More specifically, just because you're angry doesn't mean you have a legitimate reason to act. Telling me how you feel about injustice, inequality, etc. is not the same as actually filing a lawsuit.”

20. “I am a safari guide; dangerous animals can be literally anywhere, including right next to a vehicle, and you may not notice them. Don't think you can walk around unattended, because if you don't know how to behave, you might get attacked."

21. “If you leave any door open or don't clean, you'll eventually get pests. I regularly visit factories where all the garage doors are open and these people wonder why they have mice. I've also walked into bars where inches of the syrupy goodness have accumulated under all the fixtures and the staff can't figure out why they keep having fruit flies. Containment and sanitation are the primary form of pest control.”

22. “Alcohol strength when measured as a percentage of the ratio of the volume of alcohol to the volume of the drink (ABV%). Have you gone from 4% beer to 5% beer? “It’s only 1% more, isn’t it?” No. 4% -> 5% = 25% increase in strength. You become 25% drunker."

23. “Call center employees really do not have the authority to transfer the call to the president/owner/CEO of the company, no matter how much you complain. You’ll be lucky if your call is even transferred out of the room they’re sitting in.”

24. “Never write anything in an email that you wouldn’t want to read out loud later when you testify. Never say anything bad in writing. I am an attorney who practices primarily white collar and commercial/securities litigation. Even if your email is irrelevant or contains no confession, someone somewhere will eventually read it. For example, the other day I read 5 Valentine’s Day emails from the same guy to 5 different co-workers… Seriously?”

25. “I'm a graphic designer; we need a vector version of your logo or at least a large image. No, we can't inflate that tiny pixel you use in your emails."

26. “I am a gravedigger. No, I don’t dig graves with a shovel.”

27. “You can prevent most physical, psychological and physiological problems simply by exercising regularly. Source: I'm a physical therapist."

28. “When you take out a loan to buy something and then return it, sell it, cancel the purchase, or whatever... You still need to pay off the loan. It will not disappear when what you bought with that money disappears.”

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