Nesting and nesters (24 photos)

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23 March 2024

Spring is moving across the country with ever more confident steps. A little more time will pass, and the birds, whose clear trills resound throughout the area, will form pairs and begin to build nests.

Or restore last year's ones. True, to do this they will have to try to drive out new residents from there. Which have comfortably nestled their fluffy butt and with all their appearance demonstrate that they will continue kitting and nesting and are not going to go anywhere.

1. Meow, that is, chirp-tweet!

2. Spring coolness

3. Yes, you didn’t think so

4. Eco-bed with natural aroma

5. I'm an artist, that's how I see it

6. Nesting area for cats

7. Cat paws

8. Protected area

9. Unexpected decision

10. That's the meeting!

11. Together again, close again

12. Small bird

13. Is this all for me?

14. Caring mother

15. Come in, you will be a guest

16. What does the forest bird sing about?

17. In green paradise

18. B – arrogance

19. When the apple trees are in bloom

20. Sunny day

21. I’ll sing now!

22. Almost there

23. Birds of the big city

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