Why do Georgians have the word "mama" means "dad" - is it a mistake or was it intended? (4 photos)

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10 December 2022

Those who have visited Georgia for the first time are perplexed: when a baby cries “mother”, his father comes up to him.

Different nations have the words mutter, mother, mother. They are understandable without translation and the mother of the child always responds to them. But the Georgians have everything otherwise.

"Mom" (მამა) in Georgian is "dad" or "father". Diminutive form: მამიკო (mamiḳo) - daddy.

Even to the priest they turn “mamao” - father. Why exactly?

Everything comes from the Old Georgian language, where “father” sounded like "mamai" (მამაჲ). And he, in turn, comes from the ancient Kartvelian root mam - parent. It later became მუმა (muma) in Mengrelian and მუ (mu) - in Svan.

Some scientists believe that the root "mam" is associated with the Indo-European mon. From him came the English “man” and the Russian “man”. That's all loosely twisted.

So the Georgians have no confusion - these are the features of their ancient language. Well, mother in Georgian will be deda (დედა).

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