In the United States they were never able to execute a man who spent more than 40 years on death row (5 photos)

2 March 2024

The doctors were unable to find a vein in the convict and give him a lethal injection.

Thomas Creech is something of an Idaho legend. In his youth, he was a ruthless criminal: he killed at least five. He was suspected of 6 more murders, but they could not prove his involvement. He is credited with complicity in dozens of other crimes, but only in words - there are no facts.

For his dealings he received a life sentence. But in 1981, Creech had an argument and beat his cellmate to death, and he was sentenced to death that same year. Since that time he has been waiting to be sent to the next world. He did not lose optimism even on death row and constantly wrote petitions for pardon, which were seriously considered and discussed. As a result, the mustachioed man escaped capital punishment 11 times.

The last pardon was considered in December last year. The members of the commission groaned and argued for a long time, but in the end they made a final decision: to carry out the sentence at the expense of it.

And yesterday Creech, 73, was supposed to be put on a pentobarbital drip. But the old man escaped death here too.

The medical team tried to insert a catheter 8 times, but were unable to do so.

The execution was declared “impossible to continue” and Creech was returned to his cell.

The state will consider next steps, the state Department of Corrections director said.

Now Creech has a real chance of spending the rest of his life in prison. His lawyers have already filed a complaint against the unfortunate doctors and stated “the ridiculous attempts of the State of Idaho to kill this harmless old man, who by this point had probably already suffered enough.”

And the “harmless old man,” responsible for the death of several people, watches TV in his cell and grins through his mustache.

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