Letters from Hell - a paradise island with an entrance to the real Underworld (6 photos)

2 March 2024

Unusual names for any place are already half the battle if you want to attract tourists. For example, residents of the town of Hell on the island of Grand Cayman (the same “paradise” Cayman Islands) don’t even have to think much about what theme to choose to attract tourists. They themselves pay money to go to Hell.

Sign on the road to Hell

This place was called “Hell”, apparently, because of the unusual jagged limestone rocks. Of course, there are also quite predictable legends (they are generally the same everywhere).

It seems like one of the first settlers or church ministers (people here are very religious, by the way), seeing a “black hole”, exclaimed: “This is real hell!”

They also say that if you throw a pebble into this “black hole”, the sound will echo among the limestone peaks - it’s kind of like the sound of stones falling into hell (have you ever heard that?).

It's not that scary...

They are small, people are not allowed there so as not to spoil anything, since this geological formation is considered unique.

The name itself most likely appeared because of the shape of these rocks or even their color (they are almost black), and it does not mean hell itself, but something like the entrance to it.

At least they write about the size of the rock formation that it is about half a football field - not so much for a full-fledged hell, you must agree.

There are even signs leading directly to the entrance to Hell.

Besides, for hell it’s not very crowded. But there is the devil, or maybe even Satan himself. We don’t know how it is now, but for about 10 years they’ve been writing about the owner of a local souvenir shop who dresses in appropriate clothes and greets tourists with an ominous laugh.

It would seem that the very name of this place is a rich theme for all sorts of souvenirs and merchandise. But there is only one souvenir shop.

Here you can buy T-shirts with slogans like “Been in Hell and came back alive,” matching magnets and mugs with drawings. In general, as in any tourist place, everything is probably made in China.

Become a devil

Entrances to local cafes, paths to bridges and other signs here, of course, are accompanied by the words Welcome to Hell - but an experienced traveler will say that there is nothing special about this.

It would be possible to come up with a couple of attractions like swimming in a boiling cauldron or some kind of trampoline called “Descent into Hell.”

You can view and photograph “Hell” itself from special viewing platforms, which are free, by the way. But no one is allowed “inside”, so that, as we have already said, nothing is broken - after all, it’s just limestone.

Hell of a postal service

But there is, perhaps, one feature that will be more interesting for tourists against this background than anything else (which, by the way, is confirmed by the statistics of mentions in reviews of this Hell) - a visit to the local post office.

Imagine for yourself - a “Hell Post Office”, from which you can send someone a real postcard or a letter from Hell.

Postcards are sold directly at the post office, local stamps are attached to them and appropriate stamps are placed, confirming that the mail was sent straight from Hell.

Message from Hell

You can find examples of these postcards on the Internet, including on sites like eBay; apparently, collectors value such “exhibits.” For example (above) - a postcard already filled with text (and, apparently, already received by the addressee who posted it) - both sides.

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