Statues that sang after the earthquake (4 photos)

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7 May 2023

Not far from the city of Luxor, there are two massive stone figures guard the sarcophagus of the pharaoh. They have always been majestic and silent, but after a major earthquake in 27 BC. one of them sang. It resembles a whistle and a groan at the same time. Both giants have become called the singing colossi of Memnon.

There are rumors that after this mysterious phenomenon, the sound that a stone statue makes has been recognized for real reference sound.

The whistle began to be used as a tuning fork when tuning different musical instruments. Thousands of people came from all over planets to see these 700-ton giants.

Of course, scientists could not pass by such a miracle. But how they did not try to figure it out, but they could not explain why the statue sings. They suggested that it was all about the dew that evaporates in the morning in the porous sandstone (from which the statues are built) and the sound released under the influence of wind and increasing temperature. AND, of course, the earthquake that brought down the upper part of the statues and moving huge slabs so that, together with other natural factors, the statue began to "sing".

The place where the colossi are located is called the "city of the dead."

It houses one of the most beautiful Egyptian temples. and the pharaoh with his whole family is buried in it. Therefore, some place especially receptive to the beauty of tourists is the present awe.

And these two identical statues, by the way, depict Amenhotep III. Each of them weighs 720 tons and is 18 meters tall. They were carved from two blocks weighing 1000 tons. But in 199 AD, perhaps because inept restoration, the statue stopped "singing". People took it as a bad sign and were sure that this was the eve of all sorts of cataclysms and wars.

Now they, unfortunately, are more ruins than majestic buildings they used to be. The Nile floods gradually destroyed grounds. And later, the Egyptian pharaohs began to gradually dismantle the temple, to take stone blocks for their other buildings. Giants survived, but time did not do well with them.

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