Woman Loses Disability Case After Exposing Herself With Hilarious Photo (3 Photos)

2 March 2024

Camilla Grabska, 36, from Ireland, claimed that after a car accident she suffered from serious back and neck pain, preventing her from working. As a disabled person, she took legal action in the hope of recovering around £650,000. But the court had something to show in response.

Camilla claimed that she became practically disabled after another car drove into her car from behind. This happened in February 2017.

For more than five years, according to the woman, she could not work, play with children or do household chores, as she suffered from constant pain in her neck and back. She eventually took legal action, attempting to recover €760,383 (£649,967) in damages.

However, the Irish High Court in Limerick was presented with a photograph that put an end to Camilla Grabski's case: on January 8, 2018, she was pictured as the winner of a Christmas tree throwing competition.

What a twist!

In court, the woman said that although she looked happy in photos from the competition, which included an image of her throwing a Christmas tree, in fact she was still suffering from extreme pain at that moment.

However, Judge Carmel Stewart dismissed the claim and said the "very graphic photograph" helped her make her final decision.

“It’s a very large, natural Christmas tree, and she throws it in a very deft motion,” the judge said. “I'm afraid I can't help but come to the conclusion that the claims were completely exaggerated.” Based on this, I propose to dismiss the claim."

Court documents claim Grabska quit her job and was receiving disability payments after the accident, and her loss of earnings due to her inability to work amounted to €500,000 (£427,340).

The court heard that just days after Camilla won the Christmas tree throwing competition, she told doctors about the terrible pain that was preventing her from living. Like, her injuries are so severe that she can't lift a heavy bag without experiencing pain. And sometimes the pain is so excruciating that she cannot get up and remains in bed, and her husband has to bring her medicine and food.

The court also played video of Grabska training her dog in the park for more than an hour.

After the evidence was presented, the woman rejected the suggestion that she was faking her injuries and said she was "just trying to live a normal life", but the judge said her actions completely contradicted her claims of injuries sustained in the car accident. In general, she lost the case miserably.

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