Cats for beauty (20 photos)

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2 March 2024

A vase is a vessel of an elegant or laconic shape, which is mainly used for fresh flowers, bouquets and dried flowers.

Transparent containers are also used for room decoration and kitchen decoration. But this is done by unreasonable people who are not aware that the ideal filling for such a container is a cat. This is the case when the content only emphasizes the beauty of the form, while becoming even cuter and fluffier.

1. How beautiful this world is from the inside

2. Thinking about what’s important

3. Offended

4. Wash your heels

5. I am seated and proud

6. It’s evening outside

7. I’m surprised myself

8. Sprinkle witchcraft into the crystal darkness of the glass

9. A bit of striped malice

10. Do you see the cat? And he is

11. Fruity splendor

12. Thoughtfulness

13. Work of art

14. Rational distribution

15. I'm having a blast

16. Sweet bun

17. Enough space for everyone

18. And why am I so in love with myself?

19. Waiting for spring

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