TOP 12 most popular series this winter on Netflix (12 photos)

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2 March 2024

Tired of rewatching old TV series? Then keep a selection of the most popular series this winter, which have collected millions of views on Netflix. The choice is more than varied. There are also historical series, dramas and comedies. In general, for every taste! Enjoy watching everyone.

The Crown (2016 - 2023)

Views: 5.8 million

The long-awaited and final sixth season of the series about the royal family thundered throughout the world. Since its first season, The Crown has been one of the best TV series of recent years. On IMDb, the English-speaking public gave the series a rating of 8.6. For eight weeks it remained among the most watched on Netflix.

My life with the Walter boys (2023 – ...)

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Views: 12.8 million

The audience did not take their eyes off the main characters throughout December and January (8 weeks). The series tells the story of a girl who finds herself in a “boy’s paradise”: after the death of her parents, she ends up with guardians who are already raising ten sons.

Avatar: The Last Airbender (2024 - ...)

Views: 21.2 million

The adaptation of the animated series of the same name was released on February 22 and has already collected a lot of views, immediately taking first place in the weekly top.

One day (mini-series, 2024)

Views: 9.9 million

This series has only been broadcast for 3 weeks, but is already gaining momentum. People around the world have been captivated by the story of two lovers who have been unable to confess their love to each other for decades.

Ready (mini-series, 2023)

Views: 9 million

Real special forces heroes defuse a powerful bomb, saving the entire city. But then they make a mistake: they decide to celebrate it to the fullest, not knowing that the task is not completed and they will have to solve a new problem in a completely inadequate state. The action comedy stayed in the top for two months.

Alexander: The Creation of God (2024 - ...)

Views: 7.1 million

The story of Alexander the Great, told with all the scope of drama and scenery. Netflix's new attempt to film a historical project is much more successful than last year's Queen Cleopatra.

Boy Consumes the Universe (mini-series, 2024)

Views: 4 million

A light-hearted coming-of-age series starring a working-class boy. According to the plot, he will have to enter into an unequal confrontation in order to protect his mother.

The Sun Brothers (mini-series, 2024)

Views: 6.9 million

After the success of the Oscar-winning Everything Everywhere at Once (2022), Michelle Yeoh starred in another action-comedy, which stayed at the top of Netflix in terms of viewership for five weeks.

Tourist (2022 - ...)

Views: 6.8 million

The second season of the British thriller remained in the top four weeks in a row since its release, which indicates the undoubted interest of viewers in continuing the story of an Irishman revealing his own dark past.

Griselda (mini-series, 2024)

Views: 20.6 million

The main role in the crime drama was played by Sofia Vergara, known for the comedy series Modern Family (2009-2020). Considering how difficult it is to get used to the role of another character (and a completely different genre) after such a long project, we cannot help but note the tremendous success of the actress. The series has been in the top for five weeks now and is the only one throughout the winter that did not lower the bar for the maximum number of views for two weeks in a row.

Sheldon's childhood (2017 - 2024)

Views: 2.7 million

The sitcom about the genius from The Big Bang Theory (2007-2019) was in the top most watched almost every week of the winter (in totaleight), and not only the latest seasons were popular (the 7th was released in January of this year), but also the first ones. Considering this, we can say that the series continues to attract the attention of viewers.

Having lied once (mini-series, 2024)

Views: 37.1 million

Over the entire three months of winter, this particular series collected the largest number of views in one week and stayed in the top for 6 weeks. It is a thriller, the intrigue of which is built around the death of one of the characters with unusual consequences.

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