In India, they give out a gun as a blanket for a cow (7 photos)

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29 February 2024

In America there is a “Bible Belt”, and in India there is a “Cow Belt”. This is a list of regions that strictly prohibit beef. And it was in the cities of this belt that they decided to sew capes and coats for the cows for the winter. They take great care of the cows there, sometimes to the point of caricature.

The cow belt includes Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. Moreover, each state has its own authorities and laws regarding the insulation of cows.

Cows roam freely in cities, but in winter volunteers can gather them in shelters to warm up.

This is because cows in India are very heat-loving, which is why every year in winter in every city several dozen cows die from hypothermia. And it doesn’t even snow here!

And since cows are sacred animals, protecting them by any means is the sacred duty of a Hindu.

Insanely ironic exchange of blankets for the right to guns

The city of Gwalior (Madhya Pradesh) performed best. There, officials said that everyone who wants to get a gun license will get one if I donate ten warm blankets for the winter to cows.

So pure and beautiful, clearly this man's favorite cow

This is because Gwalior has a very high crime rate, and they decided to fight it not with the help of the police, but by arming the local population.

And it itself wants to arm itself, without feeling protected. The problem is that there are a lot of organized gangs here, and what's stopping them from selling cow blankets for new guns?

True, this official has already carried out the campaign “grow a seedling and get a weapons license.” Then it was necessary not only to plant a tree, but to take care of it for a month so that it would take root, and take a selfie with a healthy established tree before and after.

In India, a caught criminal's face is hidden to protect him from vigilantes and gangs.

Oddly enough, such an action had an effect; 17 thousand new seedlings appeared in Gwalior!

It is logical that the head of the city expects that the city will soon have the most insulated cows in all of India!

All this looks terribly dubious, since by saving sacred cows the population is armed to the teeth and begins to shoot at each other. But the cows are happy, and the city has become greener!

When some Hindus encounter the law, they remember their roots and "turn on the gypsies"

True, there is a chance that half of the license will be revoked. Since it was prohibited from being issued to those who have debts for electricity. Because in the neighboring town of Morena, the locals became insolent and started chasing away energy sales employees with pistols when they came to demand debts or disconnect their house from the network.

Cow gender inequality

In past years, cows were simply insulated with jute bags, which farmers use for harvesting. But they constantly fell off the animals when they were walking. Therefore, it was decided to make a pattern and create full-fledged cape coats.

This is an old jute version of sack capes

It’s funny that according to the Indian winter insulation program, bulls receive single-layer coats, and cows receive two-layer coats. For the calves, we purchased a special three-layer batch of capes.

On average, a new cow coat costs between 250 and 300 rupees ($4).

But this is a special heat-saving cape with fixation on the neck

Ten capes are about 30 dollars, and, literally, you have a license for a gun in your pocket. Pow-pow!

This decision of the Gwalor authorities makes me very funny, but this, of course, is because I do not live in Gwalor. But for the locals, yes, it won’t be fun (except for the cows).

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