30 cases when nature failed and mutant plants appeared (31 photos)

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29 February 2024

Fasciation is a genetic mutation in the growing tip of a plant that can affect the stem, flowers or fruit. Since spring is just around the corner, we decided to introduce you to this phenomenon and show you an impressive selection of anomalies!

Sometimes the results of fasciation are not very impressive. For example, growing shoots may be flattened, spread apart, or appear to consist of several stems fused into one. But sometimes the effect of fasciation is extremely attractive - for example, flowers of enormous size are obtained that have a strange grotesque appearance. Let's see.

1. Fasciated saguaro cactus (Carnegia gigantea)

2. “My daughter found this branch and is using it as a magic wand.”

3. “It tasted good too.”

4. Grapes that look like pumpkins

5. Daisies are very susceptible to fasciation.

6. Graptoveria Debbie Crest

7. “Strange-looking strawberry found”

8. Fascia rose

9. Fairy Tale Eggplant

10. Mutant Rose

11. Charming verbena that looks like a caterpillar

12. A clear example of fasciation

13. Mutant digitalis (foxglove) blooms so profusely that the top is twisted into a spiral

14. Mutant rudbeckia

15. Succulent Pachypodium Lamerei at the University of California, Berkeley Botanical Garden

16. A strange pineapple that has undergone fasciation

17. Dandelion grown from eight flowers

18. Grown bananas

19. “I thought I was having some kind of attack when I first saw this unusual thistle.”

20. Huge fat asparagus

21. “My first tomato. I think I'm doing something wrong."

22. Kiwi Frankenstein

23. “It seems to me that my Madagascar palm tree is trying to show its superiority.”

24. “My mutant sunflower is amazing.”

25. “These are the double and triple apples we grew up with.”

26. Mutant corn

27. Mutant Lemon

28. Grown cucumbers

29. Three-in-one chili pepper

30. Thistle. An impressive example of fasciation

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