The author of a blog about parenting who starved, beat and punished her six children for the slightest offense was convicted in the United States (5 photos)

25 February 2024

2.5 million people were subscribed to the woman’s channel, and no one suspected what kind of hell was going on in a separate American family.

42-year-old American Ruby Franke has hosted the 8 Passengers channel since 2015, where she talked about her “patented methods” of raising children. The family had many children, and everyone was always smiling in the photo. Needless to say, for many American women Franke was an infallible authority - strict and fair.

However, this idyll suddenly collapsed and turned into a harsh reality when a 12-year-old boy with bruises all over his body and remnants of tape on his skin came knocking on the door of Franke’s neighbors. The child, as it turned out, was the son of that famous Ruby. He asked a neighbor for shelter and food, saying that he had been hungry for a long time. Then the boy said that he ran away from home because... Once again his mother kicked him while wearing boots. The neighbors, hearing about this and other methods of education, were horrified. It turned out that the blogger did not limit herself to beating children. She taped the mouths of the younger children and drowned them in the bathtub.

The boy also told the police officers who arrived at the call of his neighbors that his 9-year-old sister was also being tortured, forced to do hard work and punished for the slightest offense. The children's mother believes that they are possessed by the devil and tries to treat them with all severity in order to rid them of wicked thoughts and actions.

Ruby Franke and her husband are Mormons. Since 2021, the blogger has consulted the owner of a self-improvement consulting company, Jodi Hildebrandt, about improving her relationship with her children and husband. Hildebrandt, who is divorced and estranged from her children, founded the therapy group in 2012 and has since given advice to anyone who wanted to follow it. So, the consultant recommended the Franks to separate in order to save the marriage, and then began to “save” the children.

Ruby Franke (right) and her mentor

The blogger claims that she followed Hildebrandt's advice when she abused her children.

Both women were arrested last August. Last Tuesday, the court found both suspects guilty of aggravated child abuse. Both were sentenced to 30 years in prison.

“This case is about religious extremism. Apparently, the defendants fully believed that the abuse was necessary to teach the children righteous repentance for imaginary “sins” and to “drive out evil spirits from their bodies. Hildebrandt regularly claimed that God spoke to her directly and gave her instructions. Franke accepted Hildebrant as her leader and followed her instructions and recommendations,” the prosecutor concluded.

Franke's eldest daughter, having learned about the trial and verdict, wrote briefly and clearly on her page on social networks: “Finally!” “Today is a great day! My family and I are so glad that justice has prevailed,” the girl added.

After his wife's arrest, no charges were brought against Frank's ex-husband, as his lawyer described him as a "very gentle" person who did not participate in child abuse.

In Russia, not so long ago, Dina Azizova ran a YouTube channel and abused her children, but she did not have time to go to prison.

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29 February 2024
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