In the USA, a homeless man hijacked a plane from the airport to highlight the problems of society to the authorities (3 photos)

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25 February 2024

I wonder how many homeless people in the USA can fly a plane?

In the United States, a 50-year-old homeless man stole a private jet worth $150 thousand, the Independent and New York Post reported. The man was able to not only climb onto the plane, but also fly 40 kilometers on it. The man landed on the beach. During landing, the plane flipped over several times, but the homeless man was not injured at all.

Local police detained the thief. He turned out to be homeless Louis Gustav Aires. He explained that he stole the plane for a reason. In this way, he wanted to show the authorities that airports are very poorly guarded. Even after he hijacked the plane, they did not immediately find out about it. How he started the plane is also not known.

Local police detained the kidnapper and placed him in custody with the possibility of release on bail in the amount of $10 thousand. However, it is unlikely that anyone will ransom him.

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