A futuristic mirror city is being built in Saudi Arabia (10 photos)

25 February 2024

A megacity worth one trillion dollars is currently being built in Saudi Arabia. This is The Line project with a futuristic design and ambitious scale reminiscent of dystopian science fiction. The core of the city is a mirrored mega-building 170 kilometers long. Recently, for the first time, they showed how the construction of this project is proceeding.

"Line" is a city that is currently being built in the north-west of Saudi Arabia in the administrative district of Tabuk. The project, consisting of a giant mirrored skyscraper in the desert, was initially considered "almost impossible". However, recent footage shows construction progress. The basis of the entire city is a mega-building 170 kilometers long, 500 meters high and 200 meters wide. It is estimated to be completed in 2030.

The Line's creators faced a number of challenges early in construction, but after years of generating ideas and $1 trillion in investment, construction is now well underway. Giles Pendleton, The Line's chief operating officer, recently posted a helicopter photo showing the project's progress. The Line is part of the larger Neom project, which aims to develop the territory, diversify the economy and reduce Saudi Arabia's dependence on oil.

"Here is part of the world's largest construction site from mountains to sea," director Giles Pendleton wrote alongside the photos.

The pictures are impressive: from the air you can see the endless desert, the picturesque sea and the plans of some buildings. The Line will run entirely on renewable energy, and 95% of the area will be dedicated to plants. Also, there will be no roads here, and cars are prohibited. According to the creators, the health and well-being of people is a priority for them over transport and infrastructure.

The “line” will be built on an area of only 34 square kilometers, and the city will be able to accommodate 9 million people. The ideal climate all year round will allow residents to enjoy nature. Five minutes from the city there will be all the necessary institutions, as well as a high-speed railway.

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