From transport to transporting trees: 27 interesting tools with special purposes (28 photos)

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25 February 2024

Every problem has a solution - of course, there are very specific problems when you can’t get away with a simple screwdriver. Fortunately, human ingenuity has something to offer in this situation - just take a look at the Special Tools community to see this. Here, Reddit users post photos of tools designed to help us in rare situations when all else fails.

1. Transport for transporting trees

2. What do surgeons use to practice suturing?

3. Smallest and largest hexagon for working on large injection molding presses

4. Lift for disabled truck driver

5. "We use giant bags of water to test the crane's lifting capacity... We call them 'Doom Eggs.'

6. Truck snow blower

7. Butter knife with titanium coating and copper alloy heat pipes inside. It heats up in your hand to make spreading butter easier.

8. Addition to hexagons from point 3: the largest adjustable wrench and the smallest

9. This tool allows you to use any water source to extinguish forest fires.

10. Refueling a helicopter in the air

11. New type of blocker for violation of parking rules

12. Label applicator

13. Sasumata - a samurai polearm in feudal Japan. Today it is used to safely neutralize intruders

14. Bendable ruler

15. A tool that allows a person to move an entire train alone

16. Velometer, a tool for measuring air speed

17. Dry type liquid nitrogen container used to transport cryopreserved materials such as stem cells and vaccines at -150°C

18. A shorthand machine used to record every word spoken in court.

19. Screwdriver/drill used by astronauts to repair the Hubble telescope and the ISS

20. Comb for straightening the fins of the conditioner

21. "Pedestrian Catcher" 1920s

22. Groomer's thinning scissors for working with thick dog hair

23. Training scissors for children. Extra rings for parents to guide baby's hand

24. Insulated cryoglove for working with very cold materials (for example, liquid helium)

25. Tool for working with a thatched roof. In the Netherlands it is called "Drijfbord"

26. A shotgun for right-handers who prefer to aim with their left eye

27. Saber for opening champagne

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