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15 January 2023

And this is not a Tesla, but a giant dump truck.

You won’t surprise anyone with an electric car: in many countries people We've been ditching petrol cars for a long time. True, in fact electric vehicles are even older than gasoline vehicles, and the era of cars started with electric cars. However, today without gasoline, it can move not only cars, but also trucks: in one Swiss quarry has been operating a giant dump truck for several years, operating on an electric motor. To date, this is the most the largest electric car of the planet (but perhaps this is only for now).

The truck was called eDumper, in fact it is improved dump truck Komatsu 605-7 HD. A year and a half specialists from Switzerland worked on the creation of a record car, this is a joint the work of several companies and engineers of local universities. Finally, the usual for such vehicles, the diesel engine was replaced with an electric one, also installed a dump truck battery that stores energy.

At first glance, it seems that the electric motor and the huge a truck weighing 58 tons is incompatible things. However, eDumper has been working at one of the Swiss quarries since 2018 and very successfully. Fully loaded, it can transfer 65 tons of rock. However, success of this giant is also connected with the specifics of his work.

The fact is that eDumper carries ore from a height to the plant, which located below the quarry. This is precisely the trick of the truck: when loaded dump truck goes down, it generates during braking energy and store it in a battery. Then on this empty energy the dump truck is easily lifted back up.

Of course, the battery of a dump truck is not the same as that of other machines, and it is definitely the largest among cars: only one dump truck battery weighs over four tons. Also, the dump truck cannot drive completely on its accumulated energy, it has to be recharged every day, in winter dump truck takes longer to charge. Truck conversion also cost not cheap: the cost of eDumper is two and a half times higher compared to conventional Komatsu dump truck. For this reason, not every company ready to buy a giant electric car. As for the advantages of the giant dump truck, then experts call the following: for a decade of work dump truck is able to save 500 thousand liters of diesel fuel. Except In addition, working on eDumper significantly reduces harmful emissions in atmosphere.

But the main idea of this project is that the transition to electricity is possible not only for passenger cars, but also for big trucks working in the mines.

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23 January 2023
Ну и бред! Карьерные самосвалы всегда были дизель-электрическими. Даже Белазы и те дизель-электрические. Исключение - только машины компании CAT, которые вместо схемы дизель-генератор-электродвигатель, имеют классическую схему с гидромеханической коробкой. А в этом случаи, я так понимаю, заменили дизель-генератор на блок батарей что-то ещё доработали.
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