A selection of creepy spiritual photographs from the past (16 photos)

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25 February 2024

Photographs have already become an integral part of our lives. After all, we carry small, smart and cool cameras in our pockets. And different editors and neural networks can fulfill any of our fantasies in the picture. Well, of course, all sorts of flash mobs, trends and other movements related to photos or videos regularly appear on the Internet. The mid-19th century and early 20th century also had their own jokes. These are creepy spiritual photos! What can I say, I’ve always loved horror stories. And it’s worth noting that these shots still look scary to this day.

Such photographs were the signature card of various mediums, psychics and other charlatans. After all, many people really believed in mysticism. Especially at the beginning of this, so to speak, “hype” trend in photography. Then, of course, people realized that this was just a trick and skillful handling of the camera.

Lady Helena Newenham and the ghost of her daughter, 1872

Illusionist Henri Robin demonstrates his ability to communicate with ghosts, 1863

Surrounded by phantoms, 1903

Prince Arthur, 1854

Mary Todd Lincoln with the Ghost of Abraham Lincoln, circa 1869

Elderly couple with female spirit, 1920

A mysterious female figure above a group of posing people, 1920

A man's face above Welsh medium Will Thomas, 1920

A ghost appears to a young girl as she prays by her bed, 1860

Woman with the Spirit of a Man, 1865

The ghost of a woman haunts an elderly professor, 1910

Appearance of a ghost and strange luminous balls, 1903

John Glover with the Ghost of an Old Lady, 1850

Photo of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle with a ghost, 1922

The ghost of a woman appears before her husband, 1870

And this is how a seance was captured in England in 1872

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