Explain to me what's going on here? (13 photos)

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22 February 2024

Many people complain that interesting events very rarely happen in their lives. But in reality, if you keep your eyes open and look around more often, you can find a lot of curious and strange things that raise many questions. It will be really difficult to describe them in words. Let's see what oddities the authors of these photographs discovered.

How did they manage to load all this and secure it?

Dentist in a furniture store

Cactus growing right in a tree

Reactive shopping

Is the glass half full or half empty?

Hello, hello, I would like to order a pizza 4 honey. No drinks needed. Address: quiet clearing, den 15. No intercom, I'll meet you. Thank you

Looks very creepy

Doctor, I have sharp and cold stools, what should I do?

Some very strange egg...

Massive release of fish on the coast

Minus 36 in Canada

And no, this is not rusty water. It turned out to be red hair dye for my upstairs neighbor.

Now no one will steal my rusty pole

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