The Spaniard snuck into the winery and bottled 60 thousand liters of wine

21 February 2024

And also found himself on the wanted list.

The Spanish Civil Guard has put on the wanted list a man who broke into a winery in Ribera del Duero and poured 60,000 liters of wine from tanks. It is noted that the unknown person acted early in the morning on a weekend when there was practically no one at the winery. He entered one of the warehouses, opened the taps in the containers and hastily retreated.

The owner of the winery told police that the attacker acted as if he knew what was in what containers. The damage from his actions is estimated at 2 million euros.

The man's motives are still unknown. But it may well turn out that this is another episode of farmer protests. Let us recall that last week French and Spanish farmers “competed” to see who could destroy the most of someone else’s wine.

In Ciudad Real in Spain, for example, farmers poured more than 25 thousand liters of French wine onto the asphalt in protest. Farmers, as noted, demand that the authorities take measures against drought, create the necessary infrastructure in the country and redirect water from the northern regions of Spain to those areas where it is needed

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