A giant whale washed up on the Oregon coast (7 photos)

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19 February 2024

A 14-meter whale with numerous wounds washed up on the coast of the US state of Oregon. It turned out to be a rare fin whale, or herring whale, which is endangered.

Residents of the US state of Oregon discovered a dead whale on Sunset Beach. Experts have determined that this is a fin whale, or herring whale, 14 meters long. The animal was found to have multiple wounds due to being entangled in fishing line, but tests showed that this was not the main cause of its death. Animal rescuers said the whale was “emaciated and emaciated.”

Scientists believe that the whale died from some kind of disease - but additional research will be required to clarify it. The team also documented wounds on his body from killer whale attacks. For now, scientists have left the whale in the same place where they found it: it turns out that this is good for the environment. Its meat is an excellent source of nutrients for eagles and scavengers.

This is the first whale to wash ashore in Oregon in 10 years, local animal control officials said. Local residents were warned not to touch the whale and were prohibited from moving it.

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