Floodwaters in Syria carried away thousands of gas cylinders (3 photos + 1 video)

19 February 2024

Over the past 24 hours, rain has not stopped throughout the country. The situation is most difficult in the Buka region of Latakia, where 130 mm of precipitation fell.

Local media reported that the downpour led to a halt in work at a gas filling station in Sanjuan. The flow of water simply demolished the metal gates of the gas filling station and washed away a large number of household and industrial gas cylinders. And since the plant is located next to the river, all the “stolen” water cylinders ended up in the river bed.


The incident occurred around four o'clock in the morning. Local residents could only capture the epic escape of the cylinders on video. The governor of Latakia inspected the production and instructed the institution to catch the cylinders and return them back.

The escaped cylinders were caught by units of the Syrian Arab Army. Almost everyone was caught. Well, the city is slowly coming to its senses after the flood.

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