17 amazing images where reality far exceeds fiction (18 photos)

12 February 2024

Nature has gone crazy! And she is ready to surprise us again and again. Many creatures and phenomena on Earth are completely at odds with our common sense, proving that reality can be much more vivid than imagination. Take a look!

1. Pink tarantula from the Antilles

2. The tallest palm tree in the world is Ceroxylon quindiuense, the Quindio wax palm. Is the national tree of Colombia

The palm tree can reach a height of fifty meters, and its lifespan exceeds 120 years.

3. Red Night Rainbow

4. Phytoplankton "Sea Sparkles", noctiluca scintillans, put on a light show in southern Tasmania

5. Mesmerizing Northern Lights

6. Blue mushrooms

7. This is what the sky looked like after the rocket was launched into space

8. Whale sharks in the Philippines

9. Dolophones conifera is a species of spider from the family of orb weavers that are masters of camouflage. They live in Western Australia

10. Lampreys are a species of predatory jawless animals. It has a wide habitat and can sometimes be found in cold lakes or stagnant rivers

11. This frog has five legs

12. Kea, a predatory parrot from New Zealand, nicknamed the “sheep killer”

13. Fire tornado

14. Flower Psychotria sublime or “hot lips”. Its homeland is the tropical forests of Central and South America

15. Mount Vinicunca in Peru

16. Golden turtle beetle. This insect lives in North America, this is due to the fact that its diet consists exclusively of the leaves of the Morning Gloria plant, which grows only in the North American continent

17. Wavy clouds

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