Buggy from the movie Fast and the Furious will be auctioned (18 photos + 1 video)

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19 January 2024

At the Bring a Trailer auction, bidding is underway for the Fast Attack buggy, which was built for the filming of the seventh part of the Fast and the Furious film, released in 2015. The most famous cars from films often fetch record sums at auction. But this SUV doesn't seem to be of interest to collectors, despite the fact that it was driven by Jason Statham. The auction is due to end today and only $35,000 is being offered for the car.

Buggy was noted for his participation in only one scene, but one of the most spectacular in the history of “Fast and Furious” - the chase that began after Toretto’s team parachuted from the plane along with their cars.

It is believed that six identical Fast Attacks were built for the movie, but only three of them survived filming. One buggy wanders around museums: the car managed to visit, for example, the Volo Cars collection and, according to the latest data, lives in Movie Central. The fate of the second is unknown, the third belongs to private owners who periodically try to get rid of it.

The Fast Attack is built on a custom chassis with fiberglass body panels. The SUV is equipped with a 6.2-liter GM engine (rumored to produce 500 horsepower) combined with a 3-speed automatic transmission and a solid rear axle. The suspension uses shock absorbers with remote reservoirs and hydraulic bump stops. The buggy rests on the road with 27-inch General Grabber tires on 17-inch wheels.

In the ascetic interior, in addition to the safety cage, racing buckets and a Sparco steering wheel are installed, and the only instruments available are oil pressure, coolant temperature and voltage gauges. There is no speedometer or odometer, so the Fast Attack's total mileage is unknown. In addition, the car is prohibited from driving on public roads - you can imagine yourself as Deckard Shaw only off-road.

In 2022, they already tried to sell this buggy: Fast Attack was put up for auction at Mecum, hoping to earn at least 30 thousand dollars, but there was no buyer.

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