The Chinese showed the interior of the electric car of the future (5 photos)

12 January 2024

The Chinese company Yanfeng, a large manufacturer of parts and components, took part in the CES electronics exhibition in Las Vegas. In the USA, the Chinese presented an interior concept designed for future electric cars and talked about the idea of especially comfortable seats. It is unknown whether the project will receive any serial production.

Yanfeng felt that the interiors of modern electric vehicles are too similar to the interiors of gasoline cars, while buyers of high-tech vehicles expect something fundamentally different. The EVI concept shows what the interior of a self-driving electric car of the future might look like.

Yanfeng EVI is devoid of traditional instruments, although it retains a large central screen. It is complemented by a separate touch panel for controlling all functions - it is installed on a massive console separating the seats. The console contains hidden compartments for storing small items and charging gadgets. The seats themselves received mesh headrests with built-in speakers.

The Chinese are developing a whole system of sensors for seats that could analyze the nuances of a passenger’s physique and fine-tune the seat configuration to suit him. In addition, according to Yanfeng, such a sensor system could automatically recognize the degree of fatigue of the passenger and trigger massage of the most problematic areas.

Another idea of Yanfeng is to create a kind of interior capsule based on EVI - a module with all the necessary equipment (including seats, pillows and climate system), which could be completely integrated into the car on the assembly line. This should simplify, speed up and reduce the cost of the production process.

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