15 images that will show new facets of the world (16 photos)

9 January 2024

Many interesting events and phenomena are constantly happening on our planet. The images in this post prove that no matter how much we explore the world around us, it still opens up many new horizons and incredible objects to us. Take a look!

1. Bags of potato chips in a convenience store at an altitude of 2267 meters above sea level

2. Telephone cable

3. This vintage sundial has panels that show the time in countries around the world.

4. This blue crayfish was found in a mountain pond in West Virginia.

5. Remains of a 3,000-year-old mummy with a prosthetic toe

6. Rainbow opal tree. The opal mass serves as a petrifying substance for various fossil plants.

7. Lightning hit the tree

8. Part of a woolly mammoth skull

9. One of the oldest rocks in existence, the Murchison meteorite. A carbonaceous chondrite with a total weight of 108 kilograms fell on September 28, 1969 near the village of Murchison, Victoria, Australia.

Scientists have determined that the meteorite is older than the Sun and has a history of approximately 5.5 billion years.

10. Wasps ate this apple from the inside

11. In South Korea, rainwater is stored in a hydraulic system so that it can later be used to clean the streets.

12. A butterfly is about to appear

13. Perfectly rectangular iceberg

14. Cook Islands two dollar coins are triangular in shape.

15. This bonsai tree is 150 years old

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