The most beautiful truck in the world (6 photos)

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22 September 2023

At the ongoing Grand National Truck Show all those present almost unanimously recognized the Ford Custom pickup 1940 the most beautiful truck in the world.

America has always been a truck-loving country. This is reflected in the high sales of pickup trucks, the endless influx of special versions of these vehicles and many restomod options for "old" trucks schools." Classic pieces are now exchanged from hand to hand for big money, becoming valuable collectibles.

The pickup truck owned by Greg Tidwell is the predecessor The F-150 we know today was lovingly built by South City Rod & Custom. Custom made sheet metal product metal, coated with shimmering Glasurit Ornament Green paint, looks new and shining.

Thin 1.5-inch cutout gives Ford more attractiveness, as do the louvres on the bed panels and hood. The raised bed in Claro walnut is particularly stylish. Chrome hubcaps and whitewall tires will make a great embellishment of this neat and casual truck, made by individual order.

Unfortunately, there are no photos of the interior, but we assume that it just as beautiful as the outside. There are some possibilities that can live up to the show, thanks to the 6.3-liter "Extreme" engine from Smedging Performance. This 83 year old truck with 450 horsepower Power is on par with the V6-powered F-150 Raptor.

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