17 proofs that nature is cooler than any Photoshop (18 photos)

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31 December 2023

As you know, nature is the greatest artist in the world, but it happens that in the everyday bustle we do not always notice her amazing works. In this post you will see stunning photographs that will remind you of how beautiful and amazing the world around us is. Take a look!

1. The sun's rays reflect off the railroad tracks

2. The stadium looks like a UFO

3. River Monster

4. A grotto in Australia, the shape of which resembles the silhouette of the country

5. The sky was divided into two parts

6. Sunset and rainbow

7. Tree on a full moon

8. Lavender field next to wheat field

9. Crystal clear ice

10. Black sand in Iceland

11. Maze of fallen leaves

12. A rain cloud casting a shadow during sunset

13. An apple tree without leaves, but covered in apples

14. Ice balls on the shore of the Gulf of Finland

15. In one window it’s autumn, and in the other it’s already winter

16. Sunset in an ice cave

17. Solidified lava looks like people being dragged into an abyss

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