Toyota Baby Lunar Cruiser concept for the Moon and Mars (7 photos)

13 October 2023

Toyota's design division, Calty Design Research, located in the USA, presented an anniversary project for its 50th anniversary - the Baby Lunar Cruiser. It exists so far only in virtual space, but was developed for the exploration of other planets, including the Moon and Mars.

The space SUV partially replicates the appearance of the iconic Land Cruiser FJ40 - for example, with a double-leaf rear door or the contours of the “radiator grille” with a large Toyota inscription. True, in the case of the lunar rover, it serves as a console for placing lidars, cameras and other sensors. The windshield is a glass capsule with transparent side walls to improve visibility.

The view is also helped by a huge screen in place of the front panel - it can show the coating under the bottom of the Lunar Cruiser and the position of the wheels. The machine control function is switched to a joystick, and the seats have wide transformation capabilities.

As conceived by the creators, the concept is driven by motor-wheels with airless puncture-resistant tires. No technical specifications have been announced.

Toyota's head office has been thinking about transport for other planets since 2019 - the concern has a joint project with the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency JAXA. The Japanese want to build a large mobile module with similar motor wheels, but with a hydrogen power plant. The estimated power reserve of the module will allow it to travel around the Moon along the equator.

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