The most dangerous Ferris wheel in the world is, of course, in India (4 photos + 1 video)

17 December 2023

The most environmentally friendly attraction found in India. There is no need to waste electricity, gas, gasoline - it moves using foot traction. The level of security is expected - India.

This is not an isolated incident; foot-operated Ferris wheels and carousels are frequent guests at Indian fairs. They are staffed by strong men who take turns turning the wheel.

It is safe? Don't ask such provocative questions!

How it works? The men climb onto the rickety Ferris wheel, then jump up and grab the top bar so that their weight causes the Ferris wheel to move.

Then they jump to the next bar. It’s good to at least replace each other so as not to fall off the wheel from fatigue like ripe pears.

The reason for such environmentalism is not always a lack of money for electricity. But rather the impossibility of getting it.

It’s just that India is suffering from massive power outages because there is not enough energy to meet rapidly growing production and demand. And if the shutdown causes the wheel to stop, people will leave the fair.

The owners of booths cannot take such risks; it is better to choose a more reliable “old-fashioned” method. “Twister” people, as a rule, are hired at a new place each time, so you shouldn’t expect them to have the dexterity and not fall and get hurt.

Is this even legal? Obviously not. But who cares?

In any case, all this looks like another inventive way for Indians to commit suicide. Even cooler than kissing a cobra or taking a selfie while falling off the edge of a cliff.

At first I thought that visitors and spinners simply took turns and took turns skating each other. The best illustration is “if you love to ride, you also love to carry a sled.” But no, these guys work in shifts at fairs, earning 500 rupees a day.

This is not the lowest pay for, for example, a lower caste, so you can drive away those who want it with a stick.

Would you like to go for a ride? After all, how is this different from rickshaw services where people ride on people?

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