An American woman puts up 26 Christmas trees in her house every year, and they are magnificent! (6 photos)

17 December 2023

She knows exactly how to decorate her home for the holidays.

It seems like no one loves Christmas more than Mel Issa. Every year the number of decorations in Mel's house increases, and now she already has 26 Christmas trees. Of course, she doesn't just have Christmas trees, she also has other holiday decorations. It seems that even Santa Claus could envy such luxury.

Mel has already been nicknamed the Queen of Christmas on social networks, and one of her posts has received more than 600 comments. Users admire her decorations, ask questions and share their festive mood.

In fact, everything you see in the photo is the result of many years of collecting. Mel started collecting her jewelry 22 years ago. She usually buys all her decor after Christmas, when the big sales on holiday collections begin. She has Christmas trees all over the house, each with a different theme, but each one is gorgeous.

Of course, with so many decorations, Mel starts decorating her home in September. While everyone is taking pictures with pumpkins and shopping for fall decor, Issa takes her time taking out a Christmas tree from her pantry.

By the end of November, her house is completely decorated, and all that remains is to enjoy the pleasant pre-holiday bustle. She clears out her collection within a week. It is also traditional for an American woman to go to sales after Christmas to add to her jewelry collection.

By the way, Mel's favorite trees are the Grinch-themed ones, and they are truly gorgeous:

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