The mystery of the famous Church of the Devil cave has been revealed (4 photos + 1 video)

1 December 2023

In Finland, scientists have uncovered the mystery of the famous Pirunkirkko cave in Koli National Park, which was nicknamed the Church of the Devil due to its strange effects on visitors

People who have been to Pirunkirkko often feel that underground they come into contact with the world of spirits and can even “talk to the Devil.” In Finnish folklore, this cave was called a place where sages gathered in ancient times to look beyond the ordinary world.

“According to folklore, [doctor] Kinolainen took patients to this “church” to talk to the Devil about the causes of their ailments. This healing ritual included loud screams, stomping, shooting and hitting,” said Riitta Rainio from the University of Eastern Finland.

Now, researchers have found that the feeling of “contact with the spirit world” arises because the smooth, parallel walls of the cave in some places begin to resonate with sounds at a frequency of 231 Hz and create a standing wave effect.

It lies in the fact that the original sound and the reflected sound collide and interact with each other. The resonance continues for about a second after the sound. This effect is common in natural structures, but rare in natural caves.

During the study, scientists, in particular, recorded shamans who come to play drums at the Church of the Devil. It turned out that the instruments often produced sounds with a frequency of 231 Hz, which were amplified by the cave roof and created a feeling of “otherworldly presence.”

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